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Role Descriptions

Redfish Swim Team is a member of the North Austin Aquatic League (NAAL). Swim meets are run entirely by parent volunteers provided by each team. Volunteer positions vary in terms of time and effort commitment. Each Redfish family is expected to provide one parent volunteer per swimmer. Please contact the team Meet Director if this commitment is not feasible for your family.

Volunteer positions and their descriptions are listed below alphabetically.

Age Group Parents:

  • Responsible for the safety and well being of all kids in their age/gender tent for the entirety of each meet.
  • Check in each swimmer in the tent at the beginning of the meet.
  • MUST check in with the LEAD TENT PARENT at least 15 minutes before start of meet and update him or her on the tent's attendance.
  • Ensure each swimmer knows in which events they are participating.
  • Check and mark any swimmers not already marked with their race information.(Race/Heat/Lane/Leg relays only)
  • Line up and escort swimmers in order to the Ready Bench.
  • Must remain at the meet until their last swimmer has been checked out by a parent/guardian.
  • Encourage all swimmers in their tent and look for opportunities to point out positive growth as a swimmer and/or team mate.
  • Helps foster a sense of community and team spirit.

Computer Lead:

  • Build the meet Heat Sheets and e-mail them to the opposing teams by an NAAL determined deadline.
  • Work closely with the team’s head coach, Meet Director and the opposing teams’ Meet Director and Computer Leads.
  • Input times/DQs into the database at meets.
  • Send out meet results to opposing teams.
  • Post results on Redfish website.

Concessions Committee:

  • Works under the guidance of the Concessions Director.
  • Prepares and serves food and drink items.
  • May require trips to vendors.
  • Handles concessions money.
  • Morning shift must remain at the Concession Stand until the afternoon shift arrives.
  • Concession Stand Volunteers may be utilized as floaters at away meets.

Floater: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Assists Meet Director as needs arise.
  • Fills in for any volunteers unable to fill their position.
  • If possible, floaters will receive their assignments by Thursday evening.  However, floaters may be assigned at anytime leading up to  a meet or even during a meet.
  • Floaters must also be trained on Stroke & Turn in case you need to stand in for one of our regular Stroke & Turn officials.

Head Scorer:

  • Works with reps from the opposing team(s).
  • Reviews timer sheets & DQ slips from Stroke Judges after each heat.
  • Determines time for record based on sheets.
  • Delivers results to Computer Lead
  • Consults with Home Meet Director for resolution about any disputes regarding legibility of timer sheets.

Heat Winner Ribbons Distributor: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Watches each race and determines which swimmer touches the wall first.
  • Hands green Heat Ribbon to the first swimmer to touch the wall.
  • Determines Heat Winner regardless of false starts, legality of strokes, and official timekeeping.
  • May award 2 ribbons in case of apparent tie.
  • Does not consult with any other parent, volunteer, or official in awarding the Heat Ribbons.

Hospitality: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Serves water to volunteers at all meets.
  • At home meets, ensures that there are cups, ice, and carrying trays available.
  • Picks up discarded hospitality cups throughout the meet.

Merchandise Committee:

  • Works under the guidance of the Merchandise Coordinator.
  • Helps sell merchandise at team events like orientation, home meets, and practices.
  • Helps Merchandise Coordinator distribute spirit gear.

Parking: (AM Shift Only)

  • Home meets only.
  • Directs traffic around the MAC prior to the start of the meet.
  • Ensures Traffic flows one way around the parking loop, as defined by the Logistics Director.
  • Protects reserved parking spaces for concessions and VIP parking.

Ready Bench: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • The Ready Bench is where swimmers are grouped for their events and place into lanes prior to their races.
  • Organize and line kids up into heat groups.
  • Ensure each swimmer is lined up at the correct lane.
  • Critical to keeping meets running smoothly!
  • May have to clear parents/coaches out of Ready Bench.
  • Can still watch their own children’s races.

Ribbons and Awards Team:

  • Works under the guidance of the Ribbons and Awards Team Lead.
  • Attach labels on the Redfish ribbons at the meet.
  • File ribbons in Ribbon Boxes after the meet for swimmers to pick up at practice.
  • Team Lead is responsible for keeping the Ribbon Boxes and bringing them to/from practices and meets.
  • Assist Team Lead and Events Coordinator with awards banquet planning and logistics as needed.

Runners: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Pick up timer sheets from Timers and DQ slips from Stroke Judges after each heat and delivers them to the Scorers/Computer team.
  • 1 of the Runners will act as the DQ Runner, standing with the Stroke Judges and delivering DQ sheets to Scorer's table.


  • Works under the guidance of the Logistics Director.
  • All Meets, set up all age group and support tents.
  • All Meets, ensure each tent has proper signage and trash bags.
  • At Home Meets, organize all tables and chairs in the swimming and Ready Bench area.
  • At Home Meets, set up concessions area.
  • At Home Meets, set up false start rope, back stroke flags, diving blocks, and lane lines.
  • At Home Meets, puts out trash cans.
  • At Home Meets, block off Timer/Stroke Judge and Ready Bench areas with stanchions/tape.
  • Usually Friday nights before home meets.  Early morning for away meets.

Starter: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Responsible for running the pool once the warm-ups have begun.
  • Responsible for starting heats.
  • Critical for moving the meet along quickly and smoothly.
  • Coordinates with the Head Referee, Stroke & Turn Judge, and other officials.

Stroke & Turn Judges: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Must participate in a training class offered at the beginning of the season.  Date and time of training will be relayed by the Meet Director when decided upon by the NAAL.
  • Observes relays exchanges and notes teams with illegal exchanges on the DQ slip.
  • Observes swimmers’ strokes and notes incorrect strokes on the DQ slip.
  • DOES NOT directly approach any swimmer or parent about disqualifications.
  • BONUS: You get a great view of every race.

Take Down:

  • Works under the guidance of the Logistics Director. 
  • All Meets, take down all tents and other equipment and put away in the storage trailer. Empty water buckets and stack to dry before storing in trailer. Gather and lay out bungee cords straight. 
  • All Meets, clean up team area and facility of all trash.
  • All Meets, gather all lost and found and take pictures to share on parent Facebook group. 
  • Home Meets, return facility to pre-event set up (chairs, chaise lounges, lifeguard chairs, tables, etc.). Take down sponsor banners and signs on tents.  Gather wet towels from starting area and folding step stools from age group tent area. Dispose of caution tape and all trash throughout facility and parking lot. Return lifeguard equipment to shed. Gather folding tables and store. Remove any lost and found items from men's and women's restrooms. Gather and store all orange cones and stanchions from pool facility and parking lot.

Team Photographer:

  • Responsible for taking photographs at the meets and all team functions.
  • Responsible for helping to create a photo book for the season.

Timer: (AM/PM Shifts)

  • Stands at the end of assigned lane and times each swimmer in that lane for the duration of the shift.
  • Change sides of the pool depending on the event.
  • Required to listen to the Starter.
  • Three timers per lane.
  • You will be in the sun, so wear a hat & sunscreen.
  • BONUS: You get a great view of each race!

Trailer Transportation Specialist:

  • Works closely with the team Logistics Director
  • Transports Redfish Swimming trailer to/from all meets.
  • Must have a vehicle equipped with a hitch.

Volunteer Check-in and Support:

  • Works directly with the team Meet Director and Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Checks people in at swim meets and other Redfish events.
  • Assists the Meet Director with miscellaneous volunteer coordinating duties.
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