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Sat-Fri Feb 22-28 2020

Returning Family Registration

Returning family registration is scheduled for February 22 - February 28!!!  Families that swam in 2019 will receive a registration link Saturday, February 22nd. The link will remain open through Friday, February 28th. Please keep in mind:

  • Registration Window: Returning Family Priority only extends through the Returning Family Registration dates. If a family does not register during the Returning Family Registration window, they are not guaranteed a spot on the team. If you are unsure about your family's availability for the season, we encourage you to register during the window, and if it is necessary withdraw from the team prior to the start of practice, you will be issued a refund.
  • Residents & Owners: To participate in Redfish, families must be Avery Ranch residents or homeowners. This does not include Pearson Place, Northwoods, The Commons, Davis Springs, or any part of the Brushy Creek development area.
  • New Sibling Swimmers: If you have a new sibling swimmer that would like to participate in Redfish for the first time this year, you may register them during the Returning Family Registration Window. All new swimmers must still try out. If a new sibling swimmer does not pass tryouts, a refund will be issued.
  • Volunteers:
    • Volunteer slots are filled on a first come first served basis via the registration link.
    • Volunteer role descriptions can be found here.
    • Each family is expected to fill one volunteer slot per swimmer up to two swimmers.
    • Tent parent positions (which serve both AM and PM shifts) are considered 2 volunteer slots.
      • A family with two or more swimmers, who have one parent volunteer as a Tent Parent, will have their volunteer commitment covered.
      • However to ensure sufficient volunteer coverage, tent parent families with multiple swimmers may be called upon to cover some Backup Floater shifts.
      • Backup Floaters will only asked to serve if all other registered Floaters have been exhausted and volunteers are still needed for a particular meet.
  • Because we anticipate our Junior Coaching class to be larger than ever, it is necessary to revise our volunteer requirements for Junior Coach families.
    • Families with only Junior Coach swimmers are asked to provide one parent volunteer as a backup floater.
    • Junior Coach families with younger sibling swimmers are asked to fill volunteer positions based on their number of younger swimmers. For example, a family with one Junior Coach and one 9/10 swimmer would supply one Backup Floater and one volunteer at your chosen position. Junior Coach families with two or more younger siblings would fill two volunteer positions, with Backup Floater as one option.
  • Backup Floaters, from both Tent Parent families and Junior Coach Families, will be called upon only if all regular Floater team members have been placed for a given meet.
  • Please contact Joe Gardner with any volunteer questions.
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