Redfish Weekly Coach Message 6/19

Hello Redfish Parents!!!

WOW!! We have had an UNDEFEATED regular season!! What an awesome accomplishment! The coaches are so proud of ALL of your swimmers! We did this because of your swimmers' hard work, dedication to the team, amazing team spirit, and incredible improvements! Yesterday’s meet was not only successful because of the win, but also all the first time swims (several first 100 IMs and lots of breaststroke and butterfly), a team record for the 9-10 girls 25 fly by Hannah Menchaca, and so many beautiful swims that came from everyone working so hard on technique this week! We also had 4 triple fin recipients!!

  • Joshua Carmichael (12)
  • Caitlyn Kyle (9)
  • Hannah Menchaca (10)
  • Hetvi Patel (10)

This coming week will be our LAST week of practice!! On Monday we will have the Lap-A-Thon in the evening and will NOT have any AM practice. The Lap-A-Thon will count as a practice day as well. The schedule is as follows:

  • 5:00-6:30pm ~ 8 & Under
  • 5:30-7:00pm ~ 9/10
  • 6:30-8:30pm ~ 11/12
  • 6:45-9:00pm ~ 13 & Up

Your swimmer will be able to use their age group time period to swim as many laps as they can. Your swimmer must swim continuously and once they get out of the pool, their lap count is final. The coaches will be there to count and help encourage swimmers, and we ask that you stay and help count laps for your swimmer as well. There are definitely more swimmers than coaches! :-)

The rest of the week's practices will be focused on rest and speed!! This is what the swim world calls a “taper”. We want your swimmers to store their energy and swim their absolute best at Champs next weekend!!

And last but not least, your Swimmers of the Week!! It is SO hard to choose because all of your swimmers truly do stand out to us! Here is who received it this week:

6 & Under:

Hannah Zatopek - Hannah has worked so hard on getting her butterfly and breaststroke legal and she has been ROCKING it! Hannah really turned it on this week and it showed with her awesome swims yesterday.

Drew Platt - Drew always works hard in practice and the coaches can tell he loves the Redfish! He has dropped time all season and his technique has improved so much!

7 - 8:

Audrey Thompson - Audrey is a new swimmer to the Redfish and she has really improved! She is a hard worker in practice and always has a great attitude. Audrey also tackled the 100 IM for the first time and she ROCKED it!

Lucas Yang - Lucas also tackled the 100 IM as an 8 year old!! Lucas also dropped a TON of time in his individual events at the meet! His hard work at practice really shows.

9 - 10:

Hannah Menchaca - Hannah is one of the first ones in the pool at practice, she is always smiling, and she loves her Redfish family!! Hannah’s hard work paid off yesterday with her 25 butterfly record as well! She has been chasing it all season and we are so proud of her!

Molly Porcher - Molly is a great teammate, cheerleader, and super coachable! She dropped time in all of her events yesterday and had an awesome meet. Molly was smiling all day and was a great asset to her age group!

Maciek Goertz - Maciek works super hard in practice, has a wonderful attitude and is a Junior Coach in training already!! He swims at the PM practices and without asking him helps set up the pool when he gets there! He also had a great meet with a big time drop in his 100 IM and a first time breaststroke swim!!

Michael Romain - Michael has been amazing this season!! He has worked so hard in practice, his technique has really improved, and yesterday that all paid off with a first time butterfly swim and 2 stellar best times in his free and back! The coaches are so proud of him!

11 - 12:

Ahladita Balraj - Ahladita is a hard worker in practice, always seeking ways to improve, and it all paid off yesterday with best times in her events and beautiful swims!

Ishan Dawady - We have had some tough practices and Ishan always swims hard no matter what! He has worked hard on improving his turns, technique and endurance. Since the start of the season he has dropped time at almost every meet and his hard work is paying off!

13 - 14:

Sophia Higgins - Sophia is a great asset to the 13-14 girls age group! She approaches each practice with a smile, always cheers on her teammates, and yesterday the coaches noticed her being a great competitor and giving her all in each of her events!

Joseph Wied - This week in practice the coaches watched Joseph tackle one of the toughest practices with such a great attitude! When the coaches said we were swimming 30x50’s he led his lane and was a great example to the other swimmers by not stopping and giving up even though we could tell he was tired! He has really stood out these last few weeks as an older swimmer and we are super proud of him!

15 - 18:

Allie LaFeber - Allie is a great teammate, a valued Junior Coach, and another awesome hard worker!! She also really stood out this week by pushing through some really tough sets at practice and her hard work paid off with a great time drop in her fly and backstroke this weekend.

Thomas Ho - Thomas is a first time swimmer! Not just a first time on the Redfish swimmer, but a true first time swimmer as a 15 year old!! It takes a lot of perseverance, grit, and guts to not only learn all the strokes but to show up every day and work hard at something you have never done before! Thomas is a great example of how we can all do anything we put our minds to if we want to do it bad enough. Yesterday he got best times in his freestyle and breaststroke and tackled the 50 butterfly with beautiful technique and a great time. The coaches are so proud of Thomas and so glad he chose to be a Redfish!

That’s all for now! Have a great rest of the weekend and we will see you on the pool deck for this last week of the season!! :-)

GoooOOOO Redfish!!

Coach Katy  

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