COVID-19 Team Update

Dear Families,

I wanted to bring you up to date on plans and thoughts about our summer swim season. I'm sure you can guess that there are far more unknowns than knowns.

Here is what we know for sure right now:

  • Swim suit fittings are canceled and future rescheduling is doubtful. If there is a swim season, we expect the league will be very flexible on "team" suits.
  • We will miss the first week of practice for sure, as all gatherings of 10 or more are forbidden within Austin City limits until at least May 1. If that date is extended, we will lose more season.
  • We will not be able to move the season later into the summer to compensate for a late start.
  • The League Board will be "meeting" later this week to discuss options and scenarios.
  • In response to the COA's restrictions, the HOA has banned all organized activities at HOA facilities. We cannot organize or appear to organize any gatherings, no matter how small, on HOA property until the HOA activity and COA public gathering bans are lifted.
  • We will NOT be removing non-returning families from the Facebook group at this time.

Here is some of what we don't know right now:

  • Whether the season will be salvageable.
  • When/if/where/how New Swimmer tryouts would take place.
  • When a shortened season might begin.
  • What a shortened season might look like.

Our board and the League board are working on the unknowns, and we will communicate information as things develop.

In addition, if the season is canceled, families will be refunded registration fees. If you prefer to withdraw and have your fees refunded now, please reach out to our Treasurer, Steve Powell, at [email protected].

You all know that everything is very fluid right now. We can really only look ahead a week or two at a time, and every day brings new challenges and changes.

I hope this email finds you healthy and savoring time with your families. I miss you all terribly.


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